No internet connection on playstore fix

This is a common error that most users face after  they installed the Freedom app and then Google pay store stops working and shows error 'No internet connection' even though the net is working properly.
You might have tried different stuffs like clearing app cache and data of the Google playstore, resetting device to factory mode but after all these it doesn't remove the No internet on play store.The surest way of doing this is by using root explorer app.

1)Rooted android 2.1+.
2)Root explorer apk.
Reboot your device after doing the steps below

1)Open root explorer .
2)Go to root.
3)Go to etc folder.
4)Go down find “hosts”. Long press on ‘hosts’ and Open With Text editor. Delete all data there, and paste it :- # localhost , save it and exit.

1. Launch root explorer and open parent folder
2.  Open root folder
3. Open etc folder

4. Open hosts folder
5. Select options open with

6. With text editor

7. Delete all and replace with # localhost

8. Save and exit

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