Amazon Affiliate phone verification problem and Solution

The Amazon affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs in the world, well at least to me. But it has been noticed by people who intended to sign up for the Amazon affiliate lately that the account registration process has developed the issue of not successfully completing your 'verification' by call. 

amazon affiliate phone verification problem

I think this is as a result of the international phone number filled in not being one of the major Amazon countries; that is, one of the major countries Amazon operates . If you try the 'call me now' button next to the phone number you filled in so many times, the Amazon site bans you for about an hour before you can try again. The U.S is one of the major Amazon countries and someone trying to register for the affiliate program will not have the call verification problem.To cut the long talk, the solution is to use an American phone number (or a number of one of the major Amazon countries) to complete the verification call process. Another way, if you don't have anyone in any of these countries to help, you could also search for sites that provide Internet numbers and get an American phone number. Definitely if you're having this problem you certainly are not in on of 'Amazon's major countries', but don't worry a friend in Nigeria had this issue about 3 days ago, precisely on the 17th of this month and the way it was solved was by using an American phone number for the verification; and the call went through and his account was verified. Note; the previous contact or number you filled in on the first registration page may not be the one you use for the verification call: you can use different phone numbers.I noticed this is giving most people issues and decided to put up a post about it. You could also share this with anyone having this problem, and yeah you could share how you tackled this problem here and your success stories. I'm out. Success!


  1. I am also trying this but even the american phone number is not working. Wrote to amazon affiliate help and they replied that they are aware of the problem and their technical team is working to resolve it.

    I tried again today and still the same problem. I don't know how to work with amazon. They could have approved my account manually if there is a problem on their side. But who cares ...


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